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Nov 25, 2013 - Window Into Another World - National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
50, E Freedom Way,
Cincinnati, OH 45202
513 333 7500
(correct as of Nov 2013)

Hitting a museum of such nature, especially when it is focused on slavery, something we wish to just NOT think about, can be somewhat depressing so, what makes us think this museum would be any different from others like a Holocaust Museum? Or a museum dedicated to events like 9-11?

Appreciation. You can’t look into the world of slavery and not come back out, if not completely, at least a partially changed person. So, if you have never been to this must-see museum, it is time to give us a shout out for a charter bus Ohio package for a quick trip.

Abolishment of Slavery and freedom for all
It is something that we can celebrate. Named as one of the museums with a conscience, along with Museum of Tolerance and National Civil Rights Museum, we think the museum’s achieved its goals which is to bring to light that America and human beings, have come a long way. Through the exhibits, we begin the journey of experiencing the pain of thousands of slaves as they cross Ohio River and into the city in their final leg towards becoming free.

The importance of the slave pen
It isn’t too big a place for thousands of slaves, measuring only 21 by 30 foot. Built in 1860, it was all there was for the slaves who wanted to build their lives anew. We we step foot into the museum’s pen, it was claustrophobic just to imagine how the slaves were segregated and lived. The slaves waited, sometimes for months on end, in the pen for the market to be favorable. The eight windows out of the pen was the only links they had to the outside world. Check out the names of the slaves written on the walls of the pen.

    The great part of being in this museum...
  • It changes the way to think
  • The building is exceptionally beautiful
  • Location is strategic, easily accessible
  • Gorgeous view of the river
  • Slave pen was touching and done up very well

Things that can be improve

  • The whole tour could have been more interactive
  • Could use more artifacts instead of just things for us to read, kids might find themselves overwhelmed
  • Would have appreciated if there were more personal belongings in the exhibits

      Other features we love
    • Three animated films were shown during our tour in Suite for Freedom. Stunning, visual and encapsulating\
    • ESCAPE! Freedom Seekers - very interactive display that showcases how groups and young children (heart-breaking as it may have been) went around trying to find their escape route to freedom.
    • The Struggle Continues - This exhibit is all about the many great challenges faced by African Americans even after their fate as slaves have come to an end.
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